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Michelle Williams is the founder of Awakening Vibrations and is renowned Reiki certified practitioner specializing in detoxing the energy system. Her techniques include psychic work, ancestral connection, and working with the elements of life to heal and restore the bodies natural equilibrium. Michelle has survived sexual abuse, poverty, depression and extreme loss in her life. With the wisdom gained from those experiences she has become a master healer that uses crystals, herbs, food, sounds, and the energy of love that connects us all to bring a higher vibration to the planet. After healing herself through detoxing, removing negative aspects, acknowledging generational and physical limiting behaviors/thoughts, she has developed programs and curriculums to bring peace to self. Through detoxing the body, connecting to your spirit, and having love flowing through your heart, Michelle believes you can heal your life and overcome whatever obstacles life throws at you. Join her mission to bring love and restore hope to our planet by embodying the spirit of love. If you can not do it on your own, Awakening Vibrations LLC is here to assist you. Sending love and light to you!

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