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Reiki healing session

Sessions consists of a complete energy reading, crystal therapy, and mudra card assistance to channel energy flow. Reiki is channeling the universe energy source to empower energy that has been traumatized or blocked over time. It is gentle and can be life changing. This works the same whether its done in person or virtually.


The concept of changing ones mood with different smells is popular today. Sessions always include incense and essential oils. Depending upon your circumstance, different smells will be used. The idea is to uplift and bring in a higher energy to your being.

Sound Bath

This therapy is designed to relax and quiet your mind. By using a combination of tuning forks, 7 sound bowls, and frequency, your energy is targeted to remove and add energy that you are running low on. Very beneficial to those with a chaotic lifestyle.

Meditation Assistance

Many people struggle to find peace in their mind. This service is where we use affirmations, specific energy channeling, & breathing techniques to intensify your meditation and manifestation experience. Meditation with focus is extremely healing.

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