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Welcome to Awakening Vibrations LLC a spirituality wellness company. By focusing on our energetic bodies we are able to transform our physical realities. With the incorporation of meditation, energy healing, and prayer you can connect to yourself in a very powerful way. We provide clarity for where life has you. If you struggle with confidence, fear, bitterness, or doubt Awakening Vibrations may be just what you need. Our belief is intuitively we are provided with details to guide and inform us how to create and thrive. AV provides techniques where we use reiki, sound therapy, psychic readings, spiritual based products, & access to a community of support . Committing to yourself is the ultimate act of self love. Come learn how to love yourself and walk in your truth. Life is a continuous healing journey and AV is dedicated to helping you along your path wherever you are. Relax, reset, and find your inner peace.

Tim Price, Cincinnati, OH

"Awakening Vibrations Sound Therapy session is highly recommended and their juice detoxes always leave me feeling great!"

Awakening Vibrations mission..

A business isn't a business without a goal!

Michelle Williams is the owner of Awakening Vibrations. She started this company with the intent to help people from a spiritual perspective. She has been on a journey of wellness since 2014. She was introduced to energy healing in 2018 and knew instantly that she was a healer. 

Her niche is to help people find their peace regardless of their traumas. She enjoys teaching others how to align to their inner  selves by releasing their traumas and limiting beliefs.

Michelle uses herbs, crystals, juices, and prayer to assist her clients along with reiki. When she isn't working she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 daughters. 

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Life is about finding yourself. There are many different paths to wellness but energy healing provides so many benefits. When you find your true self, you are able to hear your inner voice. When you find your inner self, you find your ancestors voice. Tapping into your ancestors grants you power to heal yourself and your family patterns. Energy healing can give you the power to positively progress your family. In order for us to get to that level of existence, we must release our shame, guilt, and pain. This process of release can be done in groups or individually. If you are interested in group healing sessions register to my email subscriptions or email for group rates. 

I am not a medical doctor and do not offer medical advice. Energy healing should not be substituted for medical help or assistance. By signing up to any service you grant access to your energy which is extremely invasive. All meetings are confidential. Any questions can be answered with a free consultation.

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